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Case Study Worksheets

Provided below are individual PDF files for each case study, and a comprehensive PDF file containing the complete case study worksheets.

The worksheets can be used for out-of-class assignments. In some instances, questions on the worksheets are similar to those provided in the book.

(For instructions on viewing and downloading PDFs, please see below.)

Complete Case Study Worksheets 1—25

Case 1: Who Needs Lesson Plans?

Case 2: Alternatives for an Alternative School

Case 3: A Bully’s Threat

Case 4: Lounge Talk

Case 5: Get Rid of the Sloppy Assistant Principal

Case 6: Let the Committee Decide

Case 7: Old School Culture and a New Principal

Case 8: Feliz Navidad? Not in This School District

Case 9: Sally’s Socialization

Case 10: A Matter of Honor

Case 11: The Absent Superintendent

Case 12: Break the Rules and Pay the Price

Case 13: The Ambitious Assistant Principal

Case 14: A One-Trick Principal

Case 15: Even on Saturday

Case 16: Appropriate Punishment versus Political Expediency

Case 17: The Passive Principal

Case 18: A Disillusioned Assistant Principal

Case 19: Who Needs Career-Technical Education?

Case 20: Illegal Drugs, In-School Suspension, and the Novice Principal

Case 21: Let’s Not Rap

Case 22: Is the Devil Teaching Spelling?

Case 23: The Dark Side of Decentralization

Case 24: Who Should Create the School’s Vision?

Case 25: The Maverick School Board Member

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