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Learning and Memory: Basic Mechanisms
Multiple Choice

Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1 .       The primary function of perceptual learning is to [Hint]

2 .       The function of instrumental conditioning is to allow an organism to [Hint]

3 .       Motor learning can be considered as a form of [Hint]

4 .       Repeated electrical stimulation of neurons in the hippocampal formation produces [Hint]

5 .       Which of the following is a unique aspect of the NMDA receptor? [Hint]

6 .       Which of the following may play a role in synaptic strengthening noted in LTP? [Hint]

7 .       Evidence suggests that nitric oxide (NO) plays what role in synaptic strengthening? [Hint]

8 .       In long-term depression, stimulation of the hippocampal inputs at ____ frequencies led to ____. [Hint]

9 .       The capacity of a monkey to make visual discriminations would be impaired after damage to the [Hint]

10 .       An auditory stimulus that is paired with a foot shock will produce a conditioned emotional response in an intact rat. This conditioning, however, will be blocked by administration of ____ into the lateral amygdala. [Hint]

11 .       Long-term potentiation is produced by high-frequency electrical stimulation of the inputs to the lateral nucleus of the amygdala. A specific site that will produce this effect is stimulation of the [Hint]

12 .       Damage to the ____ impairs the learning of an instrumental learning task as measured in ____. [Hint]

13 .       Which of the following dopamine neuron systems is critically involved in reinforcement? [Hint]

14 .       Extracellular levels of dopamine, measured using a microdialysis probe, are increased within the nucleus accumbens in an animal after [Hint]

15 .       Imagine that you are in a laboratory in which a brain scanner is about to be used to detect changes in activity of various brain sites in response to different stimuli. Which of the following situations would be most likely to produce an increase in neuronal activity within the nucleus accumbens? [Hint]

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