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Person-Situation Interactionist Aspects...
Practice Test

1 .       The person – situation debate is concerned with: 


2 .       The person – situation debate was fueled by: 


3 .       The idea that who we are and how we think arises from our interactions is called the:  


4 .       Interpersonal theory emphasizes: 


5 .       The illusion of individuality refers to: 


6 .       The personological system emphasizes: 


7 .       Typical combinations of needs and presses are called: 


8 .       The narrative approach aims to: 


9 .       The belief that behavior is caused, at one specific moment, as a function of a variety of influences is known as:  


10 .       Which of the following were NOT discussed in Mischel’s work? 


11 .       Longitudinal studies are defined as: 


12 .       Longitudinal studies that examined personality have found: 


13 .       The circumplex model is composed of these dimensions: 


14 .       The interactionist approach views humans as: 


15 .       One of the advantages of the interactionist approach is: 


16 .       Research suggests that: 


17 .       Avshalom Caspi is a personality psychologist who is known for his work examining: 


Some questions in this exercise may have more than one correct answer.

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