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The Sociological Perspective
Multiple Choice

For each question, choose the single best answer.

1 .       Which statement is least true of the manner in which sociologist C. Wright Mills described the sociological perspective? 

2 .       The development of theories that can be tested by systematic research refers to: 

3 .       Of the following, the event that most inspired the inspiration of the science of sociology was the: 

4 .       The idea of applying the scientific method to the social world is known as ________________ and was first proposed by ___________________.  

5 .       The term sociology is derived from the ____________ word logos meaning "the study of" and the Latin word socius that means ________________. 

6 .       Which statement regarding Karl Marx and Marxism is least true

7 .       Emile Durkheim believed the key to understanding why an individual committed suicide was their:  

8 .       The English sociologist responsible for translating Comte's works into English was: 

9 .       The term used to describe the use of sociology to solve social problems is ______________, while research that has no goal beyond understanding social life and testing social theories is called ________________.  

10 .       Of the following three theorists, which one is least known for his contributions to symbolic interactionism? 

11 .       The sociological perspective that is based on the central idea that society is a whole unit, made up of interrelated parts that work together is: 

12 .       Which statement is least true regarding the macro and micro levels of sociological analysis? 

13 .       The means by which a researcher collects data is called a/an _________________. 

14 .       Written sources used in research that include books, newspapers, bank records, immigration files, and so on are referred to as: 

15 .       The term used to describe the need for sociological research to be absent of personal beliefs about what is good or worthwhile in life is that it should be:  

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