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Population, Urbanization, and Ecology
Multiple Choice

1 .       What is the scientific study of the size, composition, distribution, and changes in human population? 


2 .       Fertility is the extent of reproduction in a society. It is measured by the crude birth rate, which is the number of live births per _________ people. 


3 .       Mortality is measured by _____________. 


4 .       The crude death rate is the number of deaths per _______ people. 


5 .       Population density data is based on 


6 .       According to the textbook, the sex ratio is 


7 .       The sex ratio in the United States is approximately _______ males to _____ females. 


8 .       The difference between the numbers of people added to and subtracted from a population is defined as the population _________. 


9 .       The doubling rate for a population is the number of _____ that is needed for a population to double. 


10 .       According to this textbook, at current rates it will take the United States how long, in years, to double its population? 


11 .       The Malthusian theory of population is named after 


12 .       The author of The Population Bomb is 


13 .       According to demographic transition theory, populations move through ________ basic stages. 


14 .       In the second stage of demographic transition theory, birth rates are _____ and death rates are _______. 


15 .       The founder of the Chicago School of Human Ecology was 


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