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Research Methods in Education: An Introduction, 8e

Research Methods in Education: An Introduction, 8e
William Wiersma
Stephen G. Jurs

This is a companion guide to each of the chapters. It follows the structure below:

Points to Emphasize

There are some key ideas that may get lost in the chapters. These serve as reminders of some of the major points.

Chapter Skeletons

These are the "bare bones" of each chapter. They can be effective study guides that provide a quick overview of the key ideas in the chapters. They are not meant to be substitutes for the expanded explanations and examples in the book.

Suggested Activity

Instructors often want suggestions about how to supplement the textbook. These are meant as ideas. They can be changed or adapted to local circumstances. Students may want to do these things even if they are not assigned (yeah right).

Chapter Self-Tests

Take a chapter self-test after reading the chapter to see whether you understand the concepts.

Select the one best answer.

There are only six items per chapter, so don't expect that all of the information from the chapter is covered by the six items. They are meant to be only a small sample of the items that could have been written. The correct answers are at the bottom of each page.

Some humor that was obtained from old files, colleagues, and the Web is provided for each of the chapters.

You may want to supplement your study of the book with visits to the following websites:

American Educational Research Association

Eastern Educational Research Association

Mid-South Educational Research Association

California Educational Research Association

The Educator's Reference Desk

National Center for Educational Statistics

National Council for Measurement in Education

Census Data

The Buros Institute


Educational Testing Service Test Collection

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AERA Code of Ethics


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