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Research and Writing Center

Researching Online
This resource offers guidelines for conducting Web-based research, evaluating selecting sources for your paper, and citing them in the proper formats. It also includes helpful activities and simulations to involve you in learning to use the Internet as a research tool.

Reading, Writing, and Researching for History: A Guide for College Students
Bowdoin College’s very detailed guide to reading, writing, and researching history papers is an excellent starting point for a whole range of history projects. Students will find particularly useful the tips on reading primary and secondary sources, as well as the guidelines for evaluating their own work.

Tips for History Students
Ohio State University’s website offers basic advice about essay-writing. It also offers tips for reading and comprehending history essays, as well as topic and resource ideas.

Guide for Using the Internet
This site offers a wide variety of links that are especially useful for students who are new to Internet research. Explore each of these links for a thorough introduction to conducting history research online.

The History Guide
Created by a professor of history, this guide not only discusses steps for writing a strong paper, but also offers tips on how to succeed generally in the study of history. It suggests reasons for studying history at all, gives tips on how to take effective notes, talks about studying for exams, and explains the importance of cultivating a good relationship with history instructors. A site worth visiting.

The Purdue University Online Writing Lab
A terrific collection of handouts on grammar and other writing issues.

The University of Wisconsin Writer’s Handbook
Online writer’s handbook includes very helpful sections on grammar and style.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
A useful online guide to grammar and writing.

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