Lab Activities
Lab Activity 10: Correcting Run-On Sentences
Objective: To identify and correct run-on sentences.

Step 3: For each of the sentences below, select the choice that corrects the run-on. If the original sentence is correct, select "no change."

      1. When I saw my roommate Hannah waltzing around the room, I asked her where she learned how to do that, she said she learned in high school. 

      2. Hannah told me about a great class she took she didn't get credit for it, but she did learn to do ballroom dancing, square dancing, and contra dancing. 

      3. She said the class was from seven to eight a.m. every morning, and over a hundred kids went to it every day. For a non-credit class that made you get up extra early, it was unbelievably popular. 

      4. Every Friday was square dancing day Hannah said that after three years of the class she became a pretty good square dancer. 

      5. In that class, she learned to waltz she also learned some other cool dances, such as the foxtrot, samba, cha-cha, rhumba, and tango. 

      6. She said the waltz is a wonderful dance because you can be elegant and graceful her favorite dance of all is the tango.  

      7. Although the tango is relatively easy to learn, it is difficult to do it well. 

      8. It can be the most romantic dance of all, according to Hannah she added that it is also the most versatile dance she knows. 

      9. One day, she said, she will take an advanced course just on the tango that will have to come when she has a lot more free time than she does now. 

      10. I had previously found the ballroom dancing I'd seen on TV to be boring because of the overly stylized dancers and overly complicated steps Hannah's waltzing and her enthusiasm now has me interested in learning more. 


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