Lab Activities
Lab Activity 19: Sentence Combining 2
Objective: To practice sentence combining using -ing words, -ed words, and relative clauses.

Step 3: For each of the groups of sentences below, select the choice that correctly combines the sentences using an -ing word, -ed word, or relative clause.

Many serious rock climbers are prone to one particular physical condition.
That problem is tendonitis.
Tendonitis is very painful.

[ ] Many serious rock climbers are prone to tendonitis.
[ ] Many serious rock climbers are prone to a very painful physical condition.
[ ] Paining many serious rock climbers is a problem that many rock climbers are prone to, and that is tendonitis.
[x] Many serious rock climbers are prone to tendonitis, which is a very painful physical condition.

      1. Tendonitis is one of the most common causes of acute pain in rock climbers.
Tendonitis affects the shoulders, elbows, forearms, and fingers. 

      2. Tendonitis has a few common causes.
One of the common causes of tendonitis is to repeat an intense, awkward movement over and over. 

      3. Another common cause of tendonitis is extreme exertion in cold temperatures.
This is a frequent experience in rock climbing. 

      4. One can get finger tendonitis.
This is often the type of tendonitis that climbers experience.
This can sometimes be painful from the finger to the elbow. 

      5. You might be able to prevent getting tendonitis.
To do this, you have to prepare in advance. 

      6. Some suggest the best way to do this.
Their suggestion is to work your way up to more intense and frequent exercise and warm up before exercising and cool down after.
They also say this is not always successful. 

      7. You can neglect tendonitis.
This can make tendons weak and susceptible to tearing. 

      8. Most authorities recommend the same thing once you get tendonitis.
This is to rest, apply ice to the painful spot for the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours, then apply moist heat. 

      9. You may also take pain-relieving medication and have physical therapy.
It depends on what your doctor advises. 

      10. There is one piece of advice that is most important of all.
You must be careful and not exercise too intensively after just getting over tendonitis. 


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