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Cumulative (Loose) Sentences

In a sentence, there are two locations that add emphasis to an idea: the beginning and the end.

Cumulative sentences complete the main idea at the beginning of the sentence, as in the following example:

Education has no equal in opening minds, instilling values, and creating opportunities.

Notice that the main idea or independent clause

An independent clause, also called a main clause, is a group of related words that makes a complete statement. Every sentence has at least one independent clause.

The following sentence is an independent clause:

Many people of all ages enjoy soccer.
, Education has no equal, occurs at the beginning of this sentence. Then other ideas are added.

Here are additional examples of cumulative sentences:

Aruba is a vacationer’s paradise with its pristine beaches, sun-drenched days, and glorious breathtaking sunsets.

The hotel has greatly expanded its customer base through the addition of a fitness spa, extensive advertising, and weekend specials.


Quick Check  

Which of these sentences is a cumulative sentence?

Somehow the resort, only eight blocks from the bustling downtown and a mere three miles from an international airport, was blissfully serene.
The former palace had been ravaged by two world wars, the neglect of its indifferent neighbors, and, the harsh weather conditions of the northern coast.

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