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Current Events Quiz, January 20, 2014

This activity contains 10 questions.

Question 1.
A Colombian court last week put on hold a decision by the country’s inspector general to fire Bogota’s mayor, Gustavo Petro, suggesting that his removal was political retribution. On what grounds had Petro been scheduled to be removed?

End of Question 1

Question 2.
The Vatican last week confirmed that Pope Benedict defrocked nearly 400 priests in 2011 and 2012, largely

End of Question 2

Question 3.
Three Afghan officials were suspended last week following the start of an investigation into

End of Question 3

Question 4.
The government of _______ last week deployed hundreds of soldiers to the troubled western state of Michoacan after clashes between vigilante groups and drug gangs rocked the region.

End of Question 4

Question 5.
A stinging report by the Senate Intelligence Committee released last week blamed American diplomats and intelligence officials for poor communication and lax security and called “avoidable” the

End of Question 5

Question 6.
Early results suggest that the constitutional ballot in Egypt will pass with strong support, though voter turnout will likely be much lower than the government had hoped. Among one of the more controversial measures, the new constitution would

End of Question 6

Question 7.
More than 2,500 world leaders and corporate executives from more than 100 countries will converge Davos, Switzerland, next week for the annual meeting of the

End of Question 7

Question 8.
The United Nations last week warned that the “seeds of genocide [are] being sown” in ________, as sectarian violence between rebel groups in the Muslim-dominated north and government forces in the Christian-dominated south intensified.

End of Question 8

Question 9.
In a much-anticipated speech President Obama on Friday outlined several important changes to on the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs. Which of the following was NOT one of the changes proposed by President Obama?

End of Question 9

Question 10.
A new report from the International Maritime Board issued last week found that in 2013, global piracy had

End of Question 10

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