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Current Events Quiz, May 19, 2014

This activity contains 10 questions.

Question 1.
The government of _______ last week imposed a no-fly zone over Benghazi following clashes that left more than 40 people dead and saw armed gunmen attack the parliamentary building in the capital, Tripoli.

End of Question 1

Question 2.
The Chinese government over the weekend sent ships to held evacuate Chinese nationals from _______ after a dispute over oil drilling rights sparked violent confrontations in the country.

End of Question 2

Question 3.
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced to six years in prison last week by an Israeli court that found him guilty of

End of Question 3

Question 4.
The European Court of Justice last week ruled against internet giant Google, saying that Google

End of Question 4

Question 5.

Efforts to address the ongoing crisis in ________ last week suffered serious setbacks after the United Nations mediator resigned over citing frustrations over stalled negotiations and France criticized the United States for failing to carry out on its threats of airstrikes against the country’s government after it used chemical weapons against its own population.
End of Question 5

Question 6.
A cease-fire in _________ last week broke down less than four days after government and rebel forces negotiated the agreement and raising concerns once again of a civil war and humanitarian disaster in the world’s youngest country.

End of Question 6

Question 7.
Massive riots rocked Brazil’s largest cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, last week as protestors demanded

End of Question 7

Question 8.
The leaders of five West African countries, including Nigiera, last week met with Western officials and agreed to set aside historical differences and suspicions and cooperate in their efforts to combat Boko Haram, the organization most well-known for

End of Question 8

Question 9.
Protests erupted in ______ last week after the country’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip, told grieving mourners that “These types of incidents are ordinary things” after more than 250 coal miners were killed in a mine collapse.

End of Question 9

Question 10.
Elections last week in India had a surprising outcome when

End of Question 10

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