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Current Events Quiz, July 14, 2014

This activity contains 10 questions.

Question 1.
The conflict in Ukraine heated up again last week after pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian forces exchanged fire and the suburb of the rebel-held city of ____________ was shelled.

End of Question 1

Question 2.
The central bank in __________ last week sought to ease investors’ concerns, asserting that one of the country’s largest banks, Banco Espirito Santo, was financially sound and that people who had accounts held by the bank had “no need to be worried.”

End of Question 2

Question 3.
Russian President Vladimir Putin began his tour of the Americas with a visit to Cuba and a meeting with the country’s leader, Raul Castro, last week. Ahead of the meeting, President Putin announced Russia would

End of Question 3

Question 4.
The government of Ghana issued a statement saying it was “scandalized” after 200 Ghanaians who were __________ asked for asylum in the country, citing religious conflict at home.

End of Question 4

Question 5.
The European Union issued a travel warning, cautioning its citizens to avoid travelling to _________ after intensifying attacks by militants last week resulted in at least 87 deaths.

End of Question 5

Question 6.
Roman Khudyakov, a member of the Russian parliament for the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia last week submitted a request to the Russian Duma (Parliament) to re-issue the 100 ruble note, asserting that the current image on the back of the 100 ruble note was inappropriate because it

End of Question 6

Question 7.
According to a report by the New York Times last week, European Union governments required to reduce their national debts as a percentage of economic activity have taken the unusual step of

End of Question 7

Question 8.
It was reported last week that Chinese hackers had penetrated networks at the __________, collecting personal information on thousands of people of had applied for top-secret clearances.

End of Question 8

Question 9.
Israeli airstrikes against ___________, which Israel asserts were launched in response to several Hamas rocket attacks, resulted in more than 180 deaths last week.

End of Question 9

Question 10.
According to information released last week, the German defense official under investigation for allegedly spying for the United States resulting in Germany expelling a senior US official and damaging relations between the two countries was working for the

End of Question 10

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