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Current Events Quiz, September 14, 2015

This activity contains 10 questions.

Question 1.
Authorities in Saudi Arabia announced they would investigate the events that led to the death of at least 107 people in the holy city of Mecca over the weekend. What event was at the root of the tragedy?

End of Question 1

Question 2.
Singapore held a national election over the weekend. What was the outcome of the vote?

End of Question 2

Question 3.
The government of Germany announced it would double the number of refugees it would accept over the weekend, increasing the total number of refugees processed to 40,000 in an effort to help address the European Union’s ongoing refugee crisis. Where do most of the refugees come from?

End of Question 3

Question 4.
In a surprising development, Jeremy Corbyn won the ballot to lead the United Kingdom’s Labour Party. What makes Corbyn an unlikely leader for the party?

End of Question 4

Question 5.
The government of Cuba announced it would take what step ahead of a planned visit by Pope Francis in May?

End of Question 5

Question 6.
Prosecutors in __________ have requested permission from the country’s Supreme Court to question former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in connection to an ongoing corruption scandal.

End of Question 6

Question 7.
US official warned over the weekend that the Islamic State was likely

End of Question 7

Question 8.
At least three people were killed when a bomb exploded at a refugee camp in north-eastern Nigeria. Who do Nigerian authorities believe was responsible for the attack?

End of Question 8

Question 9.

Several commentators expressed concern last week after ____________ sold off more than $700 billion in US Treasury bonds in order to help address the recent economic downturn in the country. Even with the sale, the country remains the largest holder of US Treasury bonds, with more than $3.6 trillion in reserve.
End of Question 9

Question 10.
What was the outcome of the Congressional legislation of disapproval of the Iranian nuclear deal last week?

End of Question 10

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